Ceredigion Coast Path

Ceredigion’s coast path comprises 60 stunning miles (96km) of the Wales Coast Path (this being 870 miles (1400km) in it’s entirety). It stretches from Ynyslas in the north to Cardigan in the south, where it links with the Pembrokeshire coast path.

The coast path through Ceredigion follows the spectacular coastline of Cardigan Bay, exploring Ceredigion’s rich history, from iron-age hill forts to medieval fish traps to 19th century harbours. Four sections of the path are designated as Heritage Coast whilst two areas within the sections are Marine Special Areas of Conservation because of their importance to wildlife. Picturesque villages, pretty villages and a vast array of wildlife – including the highest numbers of bottlenose dolphin sightings in the UK – make the Ceredigion coast path the perfect place for exploring the coast.​  We strongly recommend that you try and visit some of the path as it features some really spectacular scenery and secluded sandy beaches (some of which are only accessible via the path), peppered with tiny villages and fishing harbours. Many of the beaches are ideal for dolphin, seal and basking shark-spotting.

The Ceredigion section of the Wales Coast Path​ can be tackled in up to seven sections​– representing seven days walking, ending in a town or village for refreshments and being served by regular bus services. Expand your walking options with the ‘Cardi Bach’, a local bus service that links settlements along the southern sections of the coast between New Quay and Cardigan, or by using the train in the north.
It is good practice to ensure that you are aware of the tide times if visiting the beaches as this can catch you off-guard and could potentially block your exit route; the times are generally also posted on the each beach information board.
There is good access to the path from all of the main towns and villages, such as Borth, Aberystwyth, Llanrhystud, Llanon, Aberaeron, New Quay, Llangrannog, Aberporth and Cardigan.

Ceredigion Path Sections:

Section 1 – Cardigan to Aberporth
Total distance 11.7 miles (19.1km) Level of Exertion*: moderate / easy.
Section 2 – Aberporth to Llangrannog
Total distance 4.8 miles (7.7km) Level of Exertion: moderate / hard.
Section 3 – Llangrannog to New Quay
Total distance 9.4 miles (15km) Level of Exertion: moderate.
Section 4 – New Quay to Aberaeron
Total distance 6.5 miles (10.5km) Level of Exertion: moderate / easy.
Section 5 – Aberaeron to Llanrhystud
Total distance 7.4 miles (11.9km) Level of Exertion: moderate / easy.
Section 6 – Llanrhystud to Aberystwyth
Total distance 10.6 miles (17km) Level of Exertion: moderate / hard.
Section 7 – Aberystwyth to Ynys Las
Total distance 9.8 miles (15.7km) Level of Exertion: hard.

*Level of Exertion is relative to the terrain of the Ceredigion coastline and is based on the proportion of elevation change and the steepness of the path but not on the overall length of the section itself.